The system (Letatmaen) offers you more service to feel more comfortable. .

System (Letatmaen) to check on the children and make sure the behavior of the child’s companions

The service of tracking the users of the vehicle and secure them through live and live video technology and the possibility of recording all moves Watch what happens inside your car and follow it from anywhere

Client account

Each customer has a user name and password to ensure confidentiality. In the event that the customer loses the password for his or her own passcode, our visitor needs to re-establish a new system with a new password and password.

Live streaming video

The possibility of seeing what is happening inside vehicle through the high quality camera live broadcast


The system enjoys security protection and is developed to maintain customer privacy


Identify and track the vehicle's path and its speed

Video recording

The possibility of recording what happens inside the vehicle with the memory card for one month


Receive alerts for the vehicle in case of exceeding the specified speed or exit from the safety lane



It is professionally installed where the device and wires are hidden and difficult to separate or tamper with
The installation process takes about 30 minutes or more depending on the type of car


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